Proper Training

Career fields across the country are facing big changes with advancing technology and artificial intelligence. Many fields have not only changed but have become obsolete. There has never been a more important time to choose a career field that cannot be replaced by automation, than right now. One of these fields is physical security. Technology has certainly had an impact on how businesses deal with mitigating risks, but these technological advances still need physical security agents to limit risks to the company’s assets as effectively as possible. Our state certified training programs will not only teach you how to become an effective Tennessee armed or unarmed guard, but it will also teach you how to make yourself an appealing candidate for employers.

Our program is run by state-certified instructor, Andrew Gyorfi. Mr. Gyorfi is not only our school’s instructor but also our company’s Chief Operating Officer. We understand the importance of quality training, which is why he is often pulled away from his COO’s duties and into instructing. With over 17 years of combined experience in security and law enforcement, his passion for training was discovered while having served as a Field Training Officer at the Knoxville Police Department. Having taken great pride in teaching young men and women how to be a law enforcement officers, he is now honored to use his experience and knowledge in teaching our students how to be vigilant, safe, and effective security specialists.


Armed Guards:

An armed guard must complete four (4) hours in the classroom covering:

  • Orientation

  • Legal powers and limitations of a security guard/officer

  • Emergency procedures

  • General duties

An armed guard must complete eight additional hours in the classroom covering:

  • Legal limitations on the use of a firearm

  • Handling of a firearm

  • Safety and maintenance of firearms

An armed guard must complete four additional hours on the shooting range:

  • Marksmanship training / achieve a minimum of 70% on any silhouette target course approved by the commission

a man holding a gun in his right hand
a man holding a gun in his right hand
Required Equipment:
  • Reliable Centerfire Firearm (firearms available for rent)

  • At least 2 Magazines

  • Outside the Waistband Holster

  • Eye and Ear Protection

  • 50 rounds of ammunition

  • Clean your firearm in advance of the course or bring your gun cleaning kit with you

  • Notebook and pen

Additional Requirement: Basic firearm safety (B.A.N.K.) will be taught at the beginning of all armed classes. If there are any violations of these safety precautions, violators will be removed from the course without a refund.

  • $200 (includes armed & unarmed certification with baton & O.C. spray)

  • $75 (unarmed with baton and O.C. Spray)

  • $75 (re-certification classes)

  • $25 (each additional firearm to be qualified with)

Under Tennessee Law: each Armed Security Officer MUST qualify/certify with each firearm they are going to carry while on duty. This means by make, model, and caliber.

a gun laying on top of another gun
a gun laying on top of another gun
person using laptop computer holding card
person using laptop computer holding card